Typical Buyer Closing Costs

There are typically two types of closing expenses in addition to your down payment when purchasing a home. They can be categorized as *Prepaid Costs and *Fixed Costs. The amounts for these products and services will vary according to your purchase price, property type, area, lender and other factors.

*Items That You Will Prepay At Closing:

12-14 Months Homeowner's Insurance
3- 4 Months of Property Taxes
15 Days of Mortgage Interest

*Fixed Costs That You May Incur At Or Before Closing:

Lender Origination Fee  $750-3,000
Lender Title Policy   $250
Appraisal   $550-700
Property Survey    $400-800
General Home Inspection    $450-650
Plumbing Inspection   $300-350
Termite Inspection    $100-150
Attorney Fees     $175-375
Escrow Fee    $175-300
Flood Certificate   $20-30
Recording Fees   $100-250
Misc Endorsements & Other  $100-300
This is not an exhaustive list...
I am happy to provide you with a more specific and detailed estimate of costs based on your desired home purchase. Feel free to contact me by phone or email and I will provide this for you. 

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